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Personal Professional

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60 000 Page Views + 20 000 Unique Visits

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Personal Professional
60 000 Page Views + 20 000 Unique Visits
Global Alexa Rank
Up to 5 minutes visit
Countries Geo-Targeting
Bounce Rate Control
Session Duration Control
Language Control
UTM campaigns
Random session time
Shorteners like
Minimize CPU load hosting
Google Analytics Safe
Google Adsense Safe

Additional information

Professional Projects

High quality traffic for professional use.
Unique IP addresses for each request, residential IPs
Work for Google Analytics, Global and Local Alexa, Histats, Comscore, Yandex.Counter, Liveinternet, Shorteners (, no ads

6 reviews for Personal Professional

  1. Johnny

    I got great results in Google Analytics with utm_source and utm_medium, Thanks

  2. Jeremy

    We got good rankings in search engines, it is really good service!

  3. Wikpa

    Wikpa Support

    Thank you for your review!

  4. Jeremy

    The traffic can be seen on Google Analytics, I have been using their service for the past 3 months. But I have not really understand how it will benefits my Google AdSense and increase my Google Rank on the specified keywords

  5. Wikpa

    Wikpa Support

    Hello Jeremy,

    Thank you for your review.

    We have this questions covered in our FAQ:

    Is it Adsense(and any other Pay Per Click affiliate programs) safe?
    Yes, it is absolutely safe for PPC ads, we avoid clicking on ads and therefore you won’t violate any rules of these programs. In case of Adsense by default we don’t even load the ads so by default you won’t see any impressions.

    Will the traffic help me with SEO, ranking, etc.?
    Usually Google ranks higher websites with more traffic so we do believe that having more traffic in Google Analytics actually help with your ranking. However since no one can really know the ranking algorithms we cannot guarantee any particular ranking results.

  6. Debbie

    It works great and now Google Analytics tracking CPC.

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