Why it’s important to Geo Target your Traffic

When it comes to buying website traffic online, it’s tempting to think that any traffic will do. After all, if you’re looking to grow your website and increase your Alexa ranking, surely it’s the volume of traffic that matters, rather than where it’s from, right? Wrong. Geo targeting is extremely important when it comes to traffic. Here are four reasons why…

1. Your Local Alexa Ranking
As well as ranking you based on your global standings, Alexa also provides a Country Traffic Rank based on the level of traffic from the country from which you receive the majority of your visitors. Your Country Traffic Rank is important for all the same reasons as your Global Traffic Rank; a better ranking correlates with better visibility in search engine results, and a better impression on potential advertisers and clients. And, of course, a good rank is also a matter of pride!

2. Target the Area You Serve
Whether you realize it or not, your site is set up for a certain geographical area. By default your site appears in a certain language, uses a certain currency, and is designed to serve a certain customer base. When you buy website traffic from a certain region, you’re building traction in that region, climbing higher in local search results, and generally increasing your visibility in that area. Buy website traffic from the wrong geographical area and you’re wasting an opportunity to build traction in your local market.

3. Rank With the Right Engines
Similar to the above point, you want to have most of your visitors coming from the country that’s most relevant to you, so that you’ll rank highly on the search engines people from those areas use. It’s no good being the top result on Google.co.uk for one of your keywords, when you’re really looking to rank on Google.com. Targeted traffic can make sure you get seen by the right people in the right place.

4. Targeting Makes Sense
If you don’t geo target your traffic, you’ll receive visitors from all over the world, including from countries that you don’t serve, and the residents of which would have no interest in your website. Targeting your traffic makes sense, as a site which has a large amount of traffic coming from a single geographical area is likely to be rated as more authoritative by search engines than one which is receiving traffic from all sorts of random locations!

How to Get Geo Targeted Traffic
Looking at the above four points you can see that it’s crucial to geo target your traffic if you want to improve your ranking in a specific country or area. But how can you go about getting geo targeted traffic to your website?

When you buy website traffic from Wikpa.com you’re in safe hands. All of our packages come with the option for geo targeting as a standard, and we’re able to provide traffic from a range of locations and countries, including Estonia, Australia, Bangladesh, Denmark and Sweden to name just a few. You can even select several countries to target rather than just one if you want to cover a broader region.

And because we’re a truly international service, you can even pay for traffic in your local currency! This means that geo targeting your traffic is easy, no matter where you’re from and where you’re aiming to promote your website.

Wikpa Website Traffic GEO targeting

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